Setting the Precedent: Fighting for the Decriminalization of Sex Work in Vermont with Misha Montana

Season 6
Misha Montana

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I always get excited when I hear of places around the world who are actively fighting the decriminalization of sex work. Here in Canada, we are fighting our own fight to contest one of our archaic bills but of course, without being attached to a political group or politician, the process can take much longer when going at it alone. So when Misha Montana reached out to me to let me know that she was working with local lobbyist, David Mickenberg, on the case, I was thrilled and obviously had to have her on to speak about it! Misha is an adult performer and creator and has been a longtime advocate for decriminalization and the humanization of sex workers. She is also an ambassador and educator on The Porn Conversation, a non-profit organization helping to educate kids and youth about porn literacy. Misha and I speak about why these conversations around decriminalization is so important and why the little state of Vermont might actually make this a reality with the hopes of other states following through. Having had a background in political science, Misha is thoroughly well-spoken and knows her shit when it comes to decrim in the realm of sex work.

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