Balancing Duality: Square Work and Sex Work with Dr. Raven Bowen of National Ugly Mugs (NUM)

Season 3

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This is technically my 100th episode (including bonus and miniseries) and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than having a super amazing guest on to fit the celebration! This week I am bringing Dr. Raven Bowen, CEO of National Ugly Mugs (NUM). Based in London, UK, NUM is a by and for charity that assists and support sex workers. Prior to her position at NUM, Raven hailed from Vancouver, Canada and was also the Executive Director at PACE Society (which you may have heard on Episode #78), worked with the BCCEC, and helped form programs that help sex workers like MAP (also featured during the COVID miniseries!). Her 25+ years of research and work for the community is absolutely incredible and on today’s episode, we are focusing on her new book, Work, Money and Duality: Trading Sex as a Side Hustle. We speak about sex workers balancing square/civilian work with sex work, the reasons on why they do it, the pushback that they might receive, the rituals they perform, the secrecy, the whorearchy and so much more. Her book was such great read which offered incredible insight on our industry and I highly recommend anyone in our industry to give it a read.

Raven was such exceptionally intelligent and engaging guest who clearly cares about our community and I am so, so grateful to have had the chance to connect with her on this milestone week. Lastly, thank you to everyone who has listened, downloaded, shared and reviewed this podcast. I never thought I’d get this far! I appreciate all of your support. Thank you!

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