Talkin’ the Tok: A SWer’s Guide to Navigating TikTok with Emily Jones

Season 4

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Really stoked to bring on cam model, TikToker and YouTuber extraordinaire, Emily Jones, onto the show this week! Emily started off on Cam Soda as a cam model having zero clue on what it was. Soon after, she migrated over to Chaturbate and never looked back!

This episode focuses on the virality and success she’s had on TikTok and how we, as SWers, can use that platform to our benefit. As with most mainstream platforms, there are Terms and Services that we must abide by to be allowed on these sites and Emily so graciously shares with us her tips and tricks on how she manages to stay relevant, how to get on the FYP feed, and how she navigates the platform without getting banned.

Emily, a seasoned streamer, also is excitingly about to launch her new enterprise, The Streaming Site, which is like Amazon, but she’s done all the heavy lifting for us and has streamlined all the best products and equipment to make your stream a success. This is such an insightful episode for myself, a millennial who has no idea how to even use TikTok like a regular person, and for anyone else who is planning to jump on the bandwagon and use it to their benefit. Listen in!

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