Creating Realistic Pornography for the Female Gaze with Electra Rayne of Queer Crush

Season 6
Electra Rayne

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As we all might know, pornography has been traditinally directed by men, produced by men, and consumed by men. With so many different categories and niches in porn coming out, why don’t they cater to what women and queer folk actually want? I invite Electra Rayne, the founder of Queer Crush, onto the show this week to speak about this very topic. Electra is a content creator, director and talent in porn, and a legal courtesan in the state of Nevada. From early on, she knew that she had wanted to be in the industry in some capacity. Having danced as a stripper for a long time, Electra moved onto content creation and mainstream porn and has now found herself both in front but also behind the camera in her business venture, Queer Crush. Queer Crush started off as a lesbian sex toy site but quickly evolved into embracing and inviting folks to come on the platform and create real porn, like REAL porn. She takes real couples, talent who actually want to work with eachother to shoot in her studio in Nevada. Learn more about the platform by listening to the entire episode! Who knows, maybe you’ll be on Queer Crush next!

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