A Sex Worker’s Guide to Home Ownership with Izzi

Season 6

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I’ve been so excited to record this fan-requested episode! Home ownership was always a goal of mine as a child and I’m stoked to share the passionate discussion with cam model, Izzi, who’s also equally passionate about this conversation! I had plans to bring on a mortgage specialist onto the show for ethical responsibility but after going through 7 of them ghosting me or bailing out due to the pressure from financial institutions and banks, I decided to run this episode as it was long overdue and for Izzi’s sake. So, for this conversation, we are specifically referring to the Canadian market but Izzi does provide some great tips and tricks where he’s used his funds made from camming and sex work towards a downpayment for a home. He shares what has worked for him in terms of rebuilding his credit score, strategies for saving money and putting money aside, and where to go after your purchase your first home. It was a great conversation and Izzi does know his stuff! Of course, as sex workers, we do have additional unnecessary hurdles that we, as marginalized folks, have to go through for the banks to recognize our income and profession. We also acknowledge that for those who use SW as survival, that the idea of home ownership may not be a feasible goal and comes from a place of privilege. If you are interested in home ownership, do seek professional advice from a mortgage broker or specialist who can guide you on what’s within your budget and how you can achieve that wherever you may reside.

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