When 2 Become 1: Working as a Couple in Sex Work with Rico and Chloe

Season 5

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It’s going to be another threesome on the show this week. Rico and Chloe reached out to me wanting to speak about their unique proposition: offering their services as a complete unit. Both FSSWers, Rico and Chloe met on a whim and were curious about entertaining the idea of perhaps combining their services for a stellar offering: themselves. It’s not something you always hear about.

The dynamics and true chemistry that comes from a real-life couple brought to life in the bedroom, is something that you just can’t mimic. I was curious to hear how they were able to operate together on incalls and outcalls and how they were able to still remain independent within their own lives and work. The concept of compartmentalization and having strong values is something that is instilled within their relationship. We also discuss the importance of role playing and the question of how much of yourself do you might give up in sex work, or, how much of your own personal self is embedded within your work? It’s a loaded question and a loaded episode and I had just SO much fun chatting with them. Be sure to listen to the entire episode for some great insight within your own work, duo work or wanting to get into the industry.

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