Website Design Fundamentals: It’s More than just Pretty Pictures with Anthony of Fox Digital

Season 5

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With Twitter being observed as the next platform to go down, it’s important that we look at other avenues to keep our online presence alive. We’ve talked about diversifying in the past but hey, those platforms can disappear in a minute as well. We’ve briefly mentioned it before but it’s becoming more and more apparent that having your own personal website might be the best way to go.

I’ve invited my webmaster, Anthony of Fox Digital, to come onto the show to have a candid discussion about the importance of good web design. Anthony has done my website, and has done countless websites for FSSWers.

We chat about free or templated website design services vs. custom, what to look out for in a good website, how to find a trustworthy website designer and what you might expect about costs. We understand that not everyone is in the position to purchase and maintain a website but go over options that might be of interest to you – a great conversation for SWers starting out and extending out to those who and ready to go full custom, a must listen!

Fox Digital is an official partner of the show. Stripped by SIA listeners get 20% off! Message Anthony on foxidigital.design and mention the show to take advantage of big savings on your website.

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