The Art of Pompoir: The Secret to Powerful Orgasms and Better Sex with Belle di Lorenzo of Goh!ddess

Season 5

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I’m switching things up a bit as we dive into the craziness of the holiday season! Giving you and super informative episode this week with Belle di Lorenzo, the founder of Goh!ddess. I was really excited to hear from Belle as she shares with us the ancient technique of pompoir. Pompoir is the sensual technique of training your vaginal walls to tighten, squeeze, and twist which can do all sorts of fun things to a penis or toy while maximizing vaginal orgasms. I feel in mainstream media we hardly ever talk about the female (or anyone who has a vagina) orgasms or pleasure which is why I was very curious to hear about this technique. Even if you are not a sex worker, Belle’s expertise on the topic is so vast and she gives us some tips and tricks on how to achieve pompoir. Because of the lack of publicly-available knowledge out there on pompoir, Belle started her own program to teach people about pompoir, available on her website.

Belle is graciously including a free guide on the art of pompoir (below) AND is throwing in $100 off her course to all Stripped by SIA listeners. Use code “STRIPPED” at checkout for $100 off.

Find Belle di Lorenzo online @



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