Swinging and Sex Work: Dealing with Jealousy, Creeps, and Your Kids Finding Out

Season 5

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It’s time! I’ve got another great episode for you all and this week, I bring on newfound friends in the community, JR and Jazmine Cruz! JR and Jazmine are a married couple based out of Georgia and are both involved in the swinging lifestyle and sex work. Jazmine, a model and exotic dancer, started to venture off in to content creation and porn a few years ago while her husband, JR occasionally helped her out on shoots and the like. After being a witness to many productions and helping out on set, JR finally took the plunge last year and the couple are now making content together. I wanted to bring JR and Jazmine onto the show to primarily speak about their involvement within the swinger community or the “lifestyle”. We discuss how they were introduced to the lifestyle, dealing with jealousy and creeps. Like sex work, swinging attracts many different kind of folks and comes as a large stigmatized group. We boil down on how best to communicate with each other, setting your boundaries, and discussing consent. In addition to this, we also speak about how their teenaged kids found out about their sex work and how to navigate that conversation. All in all, a very fun and light-hearted interview! We hope you all enjoy it!

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