SW Rolodex: The Freelancer Marketplace for Sex Workers

Season 5
SW Rolodex: The Freelancer Marketplace for Sex Workers with Merrick Monroe.

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Are you a sex worker looking to get professional services done because you don’t have time, the capacity, or the energy? Or, are you a multifaceted sex worker or ally that has tangible skills to bring to the table to sell? Or perhaps you might just be looking to support other sex workers and their work to keep it in the community? Whatever your story is, you’ll want to hear this week’s episode with Merrick Monroe of SW Rolodex. SW Rolodex is an online marketplace, similar to Fiverr, designed for freelancers with sex workers in mind. As longtime veterans, we understand that it may be challenging to find vetted, trustworthy people in our industry who will handle our content carefully and make exceptional product out of it. Merrick is the new owner of SW Rolodex, founded by former guest of the show, Dalma Rosa back in 2021, and about a year a bit in, she’s finally taken full reign of it. Merrick explains her vetting process, how she keeps the website safe, and how she filters through all of the creeps and people that just might not be on our side. We discuss how to list services, who and how one can sign up, as well as discuss the cut that the website takes and how payment is conducted. SW Rolodex is an accessible resource designed for sex workers by sex workers and a tool that every sex worker should have in their back pocket.

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