Supporting SWers Responsibly in Academia with The Sex Work Historian

Season 5

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***TRIGGER WARNING*** Mention of the Robert Pickton case; murder and assault.***

I know so many SWers that have PHDs or that are working towards getting their PHDs. Moreover, there are people outside the scope of our community who are studying us and are constantly on the lookout for SWers with lived experience to share their experiences to contribute to their research. Even with the best intentions and ethics set in place, there are times where SWers are still getting exploited in this space for their time.

I speak with Evania from The Sex Work Historian, a blog dedicated to sex work advocacy in Canada. A PHD candidate herself, Evania has been impassioned to support SWers responsibly within her field. Being in academia comes with a privilege. Evania, as a ciswhite woman in academia, is fully aware of her privilege and the roots of academia which has built a foundation on classism, ableism and racism. She provides us with her own personal practices on how she exercises inclusivity, acknowledgement and sensitivity training when communicating and working with SWers. Although this episode is focused on allyship and the parallels of academia and sex work, these tips can also be utilized for anyone who might be intimated on getting involved with sex work support.

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