Showing Up for Our Trans Performers and Embracing Your Rad Self with Kristel Penn of Grooby

Season 5
Kristel Penn

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Eeeee, I love love LOVED recording this episode with my new friend, Kristel Penn, of Grooby. Kristel is the Creative and Editorial Director at Grooby, a 2-time award-winning XBIZ Executive, runs the Trans Erotica Awards (TEAs), founder of Ikigai Marketing and outspoken advocate for trans folks in the SWer community. I brought Kristel onto the show to reflect on our time during the busy awards season in Las Vegas and Los Angeles this past month and Kristel sheds light on what really goes on behind the scenes for trans folks. Kristel spills the tea on how traditional award ceremonies and mainstream adult industry events still exhibit trans exclusionary behaviour and practices and although the industry has come along way, they reveal that there is still much work left to be done to be fully inclusive. They shed light on how and why the TEAs came to be and the things that they are doing right to ensure that their attendees and the performers they celebrate feel safe, are protected and celebrated. In addition to this, Kristel is also studying towards obtain their Masters in Psychology in becoming a therapist, as another one of their passions is talking about mental health. They run an account on TikTok, the Sad But Rad Club, which highlights the importance of changing the narrative surrounding mental health.

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