Legalizing Sex Work and the Rights Sex Workers Deserve with Alice Little

Season 5
Alice Little

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At the beginning of this season, we were introduced to the legal structure of sex work and what that might look like in Nevada. I pry deeper into the subject with legal courtesan, sexual educator, and sex work advocate, Alice Little, onto the show this week. She brings her years of expertise as a sexual educator, her lived experience as a legal courtesan and her vast knowledge on sex worker rights and advocacy to the forefront in this episode. We talk in lengths about the steps that she took to uproot her life in New York over to Pahrump, Nevada to work at the world-famous Chicken Ranch. We also dive into the the immense amount of advocacy work that Alice is involved with. Alice is a co-founder of the Nevada Brothels Association, a committee that advocates for the rights of women working in Nevada brothels, and also founded the Hookers for Healthcare political action group which fights for healthcare policies that benefit sex workers and other stigmatized groups. Alice recently had the opportunity to speak with Supervisor Hilary Ronen of San Francisco to discuss potential methods of decriminalization or legalization in the state of California. Alice continues to champion for sex workers rights and hopes to speak with more states.

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