Leaked Content: What to Do and How to Protect Yourself from Getting Scammed with Zeus of Olympus Mons

Season 5
Zeus of Olympus Mons

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What does a physicist and sex work got to do with each other?! Well, I am bringing on Zeus of Olympus Mons onto the show this week. Zeus is a trained physicist, sex worker (and all around teddybear!) who helps take down leaked content of sex workers down for free. Zeus brings in over 15 years of experience of taking leaked or stolen content down starting from when he was in highschool. After witnessing his peers at school getting blackmailed and hearing stories of young teens being pushed to take their own lives after their nudes were threatened to get leaked, Zeus decided enough was enough. Word got out that he was a protector of some sort in his teen years which followed him into his sex work career and because he has had so much experience getting this stuff off the internet, he’s now teaching people through his YouTube how to get it off for free. Zeus and I also go through specific websites you should watch out for where leaked content is posted, different methods which people will use to steal your content, how to find out if your content has been stolen and his recommend course of action on how to get it down. It is a highly informative episode that every sex worker (and honestly, minors) should be listening to.

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