Virtual Assistants: Why It’s Great for SWers, Sex Positive Businesses and Why You Need to Hire One with Dabby Longlegs of Living Deliciously Podcast

Season 4

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I’ve been dying to do an episode on virtual assistants for a while but never got the chance to connect with anyone that was a right fit for the episode…UNTIL NOW. I am extremely pleased to introduce Dabby Longlegs to the podcast this week!

Dabby is a multidisciplinary artist and sex worker who, as one of many of the gigs they have, works as a virtual assistant. Having equally worked their fair share in stints in sex work as well as the vanilla world, Dabby stumbled across a TikTok on how to become a virtual assistant. And in the digital world, that’s where a lot of work is going! With many sex workers turning their work online, comes with an immense new threshold of mundane work that we just can’t manage…which is where virtual assistants come into play.

Dabby shows us the ropes when it comes to being a virtual assistant – what tasks are generally expected, what and who they like to look after, and the services they offer. Dabby also so graciously breaks down pricing and rates that they have personally adopted and to give insight on those who are looking for an assistant (including me!). Lastly, we go into the many transferrable skills that sex workers have and why this can be an excellent line of work for those who are choosing to exit the industry.

It’s a fun, information-packed episode that makes for a great listen and an even better watch! Watch the exclusive video interview with Dabby and past guests only on my Patreon.



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