The Gig Economy and Advocating for Strippers’ Labour Rights with Reese Piper

Season 4

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I’m back, baby! Sorry for the tardiness this and last week – I am FINALLY back on Canadian soil and I am beyond excited to kick off Season 4! Again, very rarely do I ever bring back guests onto the show but you all loved Reese Piper back in Season 3 when she spoke abut autism and sex work that I had to bring her on for round 2!

As a former stripper, Reese brings to the table a plethora of experience to share with us. The focal point of this episode would centre around her passion for advocating for strippers’ labour rights. After experience raids in the strip clubs in the USA and witnessing so many of her peers face and succumb to exploitation tactics of owners and poor management, she got curious about the very little we may or may not know about our labour rights as independent contractors. Tired of hearing of fellow dancers get attacked, stalked and even murdered, Reese brought it upon herself to help educate her dancer colleagues and because this is such an important topic to talk about, I had have her back on the show to give us a lesson in labour rights 101.

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