The Boobs, the Brains and the Business: Running a Strip Club in 2022 with Jade of Shakerz Show Lounge

Season 4

I’ve given a fair bit of time dedicated to dancers in strip clubs on the show because hey, that’s where I spend a lot of my time! But we also need to take a look at another angle: what is it like to run a strip club? How do you navigate operations during a pandemic? How do you keep the staff, patrons and the dancers safe? What are the challenges that we face in a time when strip clubs are closing down right, left and center?

I couldn’t think of a better guest to bring on than Jade, owner-operator of Shakerz Show Lounge based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Jade speaks about her she found herself at the club – turns out it was a family affair! Starting with her grandma, she goes into the history of the club, where its roots grew and how it looks today. She talks about the struggles she’s had trying to create an environment, enjoyable and employable atmosphere whilst instilling her family values in how she runs the club. We also speak about what it’s like to be a woman owner in a sea of male owners and management that’s littered throughout the industry. It’s a jam-packed episode with Jade who is full of meaningful insight. 

PS. Shakerz Show Lounge has finished its renovations and is currently OPEN for business!

Find Shakerz Show Lounge online @



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