Scam, Scamming, Scammer, Scammed with Alexis

Season 4

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***TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of rape and substance use and addiction.***

This week, I am joined by former FSSWer, Alexis, who heard my recent AMA which resonated hard with her on getting scammed that we connected shortly after and just had to do an episode together! I had originally planned to do an episode dedicated to scamming back in Season 3 which didn’t work out so I am thrilled to have Alexis on to speak about this. Scamming.

We’ve all been there. Didn’t get the money upfront? Scammed. Picture didn’t match his profile? Scammed. Client left you high and dry with something other than the money promised? Scammed. It’s shitty when it happens but hopefully – just hopefully – we all learn our lessons after. But when we bring up the topic of scamming, it’s hard to ignore that sometimes, we, as SWers, scam our clients.

I really think it’s important to mention the intent and motive here for context because hey, it’s our job to provide services rendered for our clients in exchange for payment but some honesty may be lacking here when it comes to questionable work ethic. And let’s not forget the unfortunate attacks that may happen from within our community. I hate to mention it but I’d be doing my own podcast a disservice if we don’t mention the whorearchy and the danger behind other SWers attempting to scam other SWers and the attempts of pimping that sometime happen in our industry. There’s shame and there’s plenty of stigma, but we’re here to have a transparent discussion about it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode. As Alexis is no longer an active SWer, she would like to hear your thoughts! To respect her privacy, please kindly DM me and I would be happy to connect you with Alexis.



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