Overcoming Adversity in the Adult Industry, Achieving Veteran Status and Planning for the Future with Cindy Starfall

Season 4

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Really excited to finally release this episode with the oh-so-talented pornstar, Cindy Starfall! Cindy is a lauded pornstar who has been in the industry for 10 years – virtually unheard of in the adult industry! Cindy was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and her humble beginnings in porn stem from webcamming. She was later scouted by a recruiter from Hustler and the rest is history! But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for her. Although more widely accepted in North America, in Vietnam, sex work and sex workers aren’t viewed as legitimized careers and her parents were viciously upset when they found out her involvement in the industry – a story you don’t want to miss.

Cindy also opens up to us about how she has been so successful over the years in preserving her brand, securing longtime fans across the world who have followed her and remained loyal over the last decade. She shares her secrets of success and also looks to her plans in the future, speaking to me exclusively on the show about her entrepreneurial endeavours and where she’d like to go when she decides to leave the industry. Overall, a super fun conversation with this bombshell!

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