The Misconceptions Behind Nude Life Art Modeling with Marcel Canuck

Season 3

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I am so thrilled to be doing my first in-person interview in a year and a half! I am absolutely ecstatic to bring on my friend and student, Marcel Canuck, onto the show this week as we go a little left field (as I always love to do!) as we speak about life art modeling. Marcel is a longtime life art model who has modeled all over North American and Europe. He brings to the show his years of experience as a model, most commonly asked questions and of course, misconceptions about what life art modeling is.

If you aren’t aware, life art modelig is nude modeling. It’s an expressive art form used in visual effects schools to learn how the body moves and to better understand how to demonstrate mobility onscreen. Because of the nature of the job, Marcel is often subjected to misogynistic comments, unsolicited dick pics and assumptions that surrounds this type of art. Did you know how un-erotic this type of art is and how physical this profession is? We also discuss the shame and stigma of the naked body in the North American context, dealing with stalkers and online harassment, and how to get started as a model.

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