Taking Control of Your Own Pleasure (and Others): Sex Toys 101 w/ Shelley of Pleasure Bird

Season 3

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I can’t have a sex work podcast without dedicating an entire episode to sex toys! With that being said, I welcome Shelley from Pleasure Bird, Vancouver’s same-day sex toy delivery service. Although Shelley isn’t a sex worker herself, she is an advocate for positive sexual education, sexual wellness and positivity. She started Pleasure Bird last year amidst her own curiosity around sex toys. Although she is no expert, she has been fascinated by the world of sex toys, the joy it brings to individual people, couples and play partners, different sexualities and gender and even its technology.

Over the course of the episode we go over the different types of sex toys she offers, her most popular items, and what is new and upcoming in the industry. We even speak about how gendered the marketing is for sex toys. Why is it always geared towards women? Why don’t we talk about male pleasure as well? That, and how beneficial sex toys can come in handy to sex workers. We talk sex shows, camming, the kink community, bondage and restraints, and smart technology. Of course, we only have an hour so this is a great introduction to those who want to try certain toys, equipment or tools and for the curious.

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