Street Walking: The Evolution of Sex Work Before the Age of the Internet with Miss Lady Vanessa

Season 3

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I am beyond ecstatic to bring on Miss Lady Vanessa who is a full-service sex worker based in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Vanessa tells us the most fascinating story of her life in sex work beginning at the ripe age of 16, being groomed by a local pimp in the big city of Vancouver and getting into sex work in the early 1990s.

At the time, sex work, besides stripping amongst other things, was really limited to the streets. She was a street-level prostitute for 3 years when she got “hooked”. After her hiatus, a friend of hers introduced her as her duo partner for some in-person dominatrix sessions and she was hooked yet again – round 2! This time around, she was able to set herself up independently, specializing in the girlfriend experience and her most popular, option: NuRu. This episode we speak extensively of what exactly NuRu is and why you should try this service out immediately.

It’s a super packed episode and a reminiscent look at the past in terms of what the landscape of sex work was like before sites like OnlyFans, PornHub, and Backpage existed. Take a step back in time with this episode because we’re going way back. We hope that you enjoy the ride!

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