Should I Stay or Should I Go? Agency Work vs. Going Indy with Elizabeth Weisz

Season 3

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I’ve been waiting SO LONG to bring this guest onto the show and having had some comments and curiosities surrounding the agency side of full service work, I think it was about time to bring our guest on. I am so excited to finally bring on Elizabeth Weisz onto the show this week.

Elizabeth is a companion currently (at the time of recording) based in Ottawa, Canada who has been so generous to share her experience on working in escort agencies and how she finally came to the decision to go “indy”, or independent. Yes, we’ve heard of the horror stories of working in agencies but Elizabeth also speaks about the positives.

She also shares about the “bait”-style agencies which, when she explains it, almost sounds a bit like a catfish situation for clients, and safety and security measures (are there any?) that agencies claim that they offer. She speaks about her challenging time transitioning from working in an agency and getting her foot started as an independent escort which she couldn’t have done without help from the collectives – something that I had no idea even existed! Elizabeth is simply just a wealth of knowledge, intelligent and extremely personable. You don’t want to miss the penultimate episode of Season 3!

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