Providing Critical Frontline Support to Sex Workers with Kit Rothschild of PACE Society

Season 3

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A casual Instagram encounter turned into conversation which turned into an invitation to come onto the show to speak. I invite Kit Rothschild of PACE Society to come onto the show this week to share and spread the word about PACE Society, a sex worker-led and run organization located in Vancouver, Canada.

PACE Society has been supporting sex workers since 1994 and offers a plethora of services and programs to support sex workers. Back in Montreal where they are from, Kit was introduced to sex work in a super non-conventional way: by newspaper ad for one of the largest and oldest dungeons in Quebec. After a 5-year stint in the industry, they found themselves drawn to PACE Society, which enabled them to relocate to Vancouver. Kit, the Violence Prevention Coordinator, describes it as a “dream job”. First starting as a Support Worker, they worked their way up to their current title working on providing occupational health and safety programs to members of their community and organization. Weekly workshops, lunches, tax services, and the sex worker relief are just a few of the many programs that Kit helped facilitate and worked on. This episode provides a glimpse of how we can support these sex worker-friendly organizations, where your donation money goes to, and even provides an insight if this is work that you may one day be interested in.

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