Privilege in Sex Work with Jessie Sage of the On the Whoreizon Podcast

Season 3

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It’s time to have a conversation about privilege within our community. What does that mean to you? What does that mean? It’s such a huge and hot topic within our industry that people either love or loathe talking about but after a brief tweet went viral, I’m here to start a discussion about it.

I am joined by Jessie Sage of On the Whoreizon who I’ve had on the show before (go check out Episode 71!) to help me tackle this behemoth of a topic. We do our best in addressing our own privileges – being white, being cis, being educated, the ability to hold a civ job, being in North America – as we try to untangle what privilege can mean to so many in our community. I was so wrong with when I said that face out could be seen as a privilege and was presented with varying situations where it was out of their control and not their choice.

We speak about the challenges of varying dichotomies of being face in vs. face out, contact vs. non-contact work, virtual vs. in-person work, thin vs. fat bodies, white vs. POC, heterosexual vs. LGBTQIA2S+, regionality, experience vs. inexperience. We barely even scratched the surface. An hour just isn’t long enough to fully dissect privilege but alteast we have gotten a conversation going.

A big thank you to those who contributed to the show via voice memos. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and stories.

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