Peepshows: Going Beyond the Private Pleasures Booth with Sunshine McWane

Season 3

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Whatever happened to the peepshow? You know what I’m talking about. The little booth that you can peer through to see scantily-clad women dance for you. Sometimes there were even smaller venues that were connected to sex stores. Some just aired pornographic material 24/7. For a few quarters, you can pop in and get some live entertainment. But where did these venues go? I speak with former peepshow dancer, Sunshine McWane, to speak about her experience of working in numerous peepshow establishments.

Sunshine has worked in peepshow venues for years until one the last standing establishments closed its doors for good back in 2019. Before that, she worked at six different venues around the USA, including both location of ever-so-popular, The Lusty Lady, originating in Seattle and then branching out to a sister location in San Francisco. She reminisces of a time when peepshows were in its heyday – employing up to 5 girls a shift on weekend evenings when the club was “stacked”. She speaks about the incomparable comradery with the other ladies in the venue that she just can’t find to this day. We go over fees and payment structure, what happens in a Private Pleasure booth, how peepshow entertainment was a precursor to camming and how technology killed this form of sex work.

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