Introducing the Latest Bill That You’ve Likely Never Heard Of with Samantha Knoxx

Season 3

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After a ton of back and forth rescheduled and postponed interviews, the stars aligned and I was finally able to catch a wave with this water-loving Cancer, Samantha Knoxx. Samantha is a full-time companion based in London, Ontario, Canada who has dabbled in all types of sex work: stripping, erotic massage, sugaring, porn, and now finally finding her niche in escorting. In between her busy touring schedule, Samantha also volunteers her time at SafeSpace, a support centre for sex workers. She is fully immersed in dedicating her time and work to this community so I was thrilled when we were able to gettogether and shoot the shit about current issues concerning sex workers in Canada.

Samantha discusses in depth the bill that we’ve all been dreading in Canada: Bill 251: Combat Human Trafficking Act. For my American listeners, this is the Canadian equivalent of FOSTA/SESTA. We already have some archaic and unjust bills that have become law (ahem, Bill C-36) but we were both surprised that although this bill passed its first reading in February, we were only hearing news of it now. When was our community going to be called upon, addressed or consulted? Because from the sounds of it, it’s as if everyone else (in a non-sex working capacity) approved and gave the go-ahead. Keen on hearing more? Then you’ll have to tune into this episode with the super articulate, Samantha Knoxx.

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