Human Trafficking: What It Can Really Look Like with Brandi Wood

Season 3

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***TRIGGER WARNING: Human trafficking***

This week, I sit down with full service sex worker, Brandi Wood, whom I connected with recently to touch base on the topic of human trafficking. Often times, when we think of somebody being trafficked, images of children in Southeast Asian with older men might come to mind, or perhaps images of Eastern European or Asian women may flash through your head. These are images that are fed to us through mass media. I, too, fell prey to this and I am still working on unwiring my brain to think differently because I was able to sit down with someone who was trafficked as a teen.

My guest this week, Brandi Wood, was trafficked as a teenager. She was introduced to an opportunity “to make some money” by one of her family members, another victim of trafficking, and it wasn’t until very recently that Brandi even realized that she was trafficked. She was made to work in a massage parlour in Buffalo, NY. Although the working conditions were described as safe, Brandi had no idea that she was being trafficked into the sex trade. Human trafficking can take form in many different ways and this is just one of them. Thank you so much, Brandi, for coming out the show and sharing your story.

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