Fintech: All the Payment Methods You Need to Know About (And Avoid) as a Sex Worker with Adrie Rose

Season 3

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Wow… well, WELCOME TO SEASON 3 EVERYONE!!! What an amazing ride this has been so far! Thank you to everyone who has listened, wrote in, asked questions, recommended and referred guests, those who have reached out, and of course, my insanely intelligent guests – I really couldn’t have done this with you all. Season 2 was very politically-charged and dived deeper into my advocacy for sex workers. Season 3 will continue onto ride that wave to further educate civilians, aim to decriminalize sex work and to destigmatize the industry. Thank you.

For the Season 3 opener, I invited (and surprised) longtime veteran in the sex industry, Adrie Rose. Adrie was a former escort hailing from Miami, Florida and who now resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as she is attending school. She is a sociology graduate and most of her research is focuses on financial institutions and how they respond to the decriminalization of sex work. We first dive into how she got involved with this type of research and how she ended up in it (because she really didn’t want to do it before) and we begin to inspect the increasingly difficult ways marginalized people, often BIPOC, in rural communities don’t have access to major financial institutions and the challenges on something so simple as starting up a bank account.

We discuss the hurdles that these groups of people go through (often street level-based sex workers) and the impacts it may have on them. The conversation gets even juicier when we zoom in on the topic of fintech: technology and innovation involved in the delivery of financial services. Services such as PayPal, Venmo, and Ca$happ are services that we as sex workers are likely very familiar with as we all use them – or have stopped using them – for a good reason. These services are very particular in who can use their services and guess what, sex workers are not included in that group. We also talk briefly about the rise of cryptocurrency in sex work as well as crowdsourcing platforms and areas that are just not safe for sex workers to use anymore. It’s a jam-packed episode. Buckle up and listen in!

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