Facing Off Anorexia: Juggling and Uncovering the Secrecy Behind Disordered Eating and Sex Work with Belle Beckwith

Season 3

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***TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphia and self-harm.***

This podcast has been a constant learning experience for me. After a tweeting something that turned out to be a trigger for a person in our community, I opted to take the conversation with Belle Beckwith over to our DMs to further educate myself about disordered eating. After explaining her piece and how her anorexia has affected her involvement in sex work, I decided to invite her onto the show to give her the space to speak about her experience with anorexia.

Having grown up in a middleclass family in San Francisco, Belle found herself working in the high-pressure cities of Los Angeles and New York City in fashion. After the pandemic completely shut down her industries, she found herself in survival mode. She turned to sex work to keep her afloat and is now celebrating 1 year of escorting. She opens up with her ongoing battle with anorexia, something that she was surrounded with since she was a child and a disease that ran through her family. We speak about disordered eating, how that affects your mentality, the emotional toll it can take, busts any myths and detrimental comments she has been affected by. We speak about body privilege in sex work and how she’s currently maintaining and coping with her eating disorder.

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