Can Romance Emerge from Client-Provider Relationships? with Drew

Season 3

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This week we’re taking a bit of a turn and throwing a different perspective on things. This week we talk all about relationships, specifically romantic and friendly ones that may sometimes transpire naturally in sex work. Because our work is intensely intimate, it may be a natural occurrence for certain relationships to foster: friendships, romantic, or otherwise.

I speak with a client who goes by the name of Drew, to join me on the podcast this week. Drew, a client based in Vancouver, Canada, shares with us his experiences with companions. He has been seeing sex workers for a few years now whom have celebrated and partook in milestone moments in his life. Over the course of these years, Drew has dated two escorts in his past. When he retold his story to me, it’s clear that there was some manipulation and deception in these relationships. It’s interesting because some may say that yes, this is our business and not to cross lines which is totally fine with me, but to clearly lead people on? That’s not how I personally conduct my business but some people do maintain that clear boundary which begs the question: can real relationships grow from transactional ones? We dig deeper into this conversation and I invited the audience to share their opinions and believe me, it wasn’t as one-sided as you might think! Listen to this episode with an open mind – it might broaden your perspective!

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