A Not-so-Cryptic Take on Cryptocurrency and Cybersecurity with Paul Jones of Natterish.com

Season 3

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Whew, last week was a doozy! Back to your regular scheduled programming which was so on-point amidst all of the recent controversy with OnlyFans lately (considering I pre-recorded this episode a week before the fiasco even went down!). I speak with Paul Jones, a veteran sex worker based in London, the UK, of natterish.com and badbutlerxxx.com about protecting your online identity and safety through various fintech apps, website creation and maintenance and wading into the territory of cryptocurrency.

Paul, who has built sex worker-friendly platforms and websites for decades, speaks to us about what to look out for when you are building your own personalized website for sex work, being mindful of what legislation you would fall under, how to accept payment, types of payment that is best for sex workers and more. Because there has been so much rising interest within the realm of cryptocurrency in the past few years, we also chat about that as well from a perspective of what crypto platforms (and for the sake of this episode, we speak mainly in regards to Bitcoin) are out there, what’s available for sex workers and clients to use, a brief understanding and explanation of how it works and what scams to avoid. Honestly, I’ll probably have to do a future episode breaking it down even further past this overview but Paul provided a great explanation (which I’m still wrapping my head around!) on how this may be a viable option for sex workers in protecting your money.

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