A Lengthy Battle Ahead: Challenging the Laws that Criminalize Sex Work in Canada with Jenn Clamen of the Canadian Alliance Sex Work Law Reform

Season 3

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I’ve been really excited to release this week’s episode as it hits close to home and the news is hot off the press!

I was able to catch Jenn Clamen who is the National Coordinator for the Canadian Alliance Sex Work Law Reform here in Canada to discuss the launch of the Charter challenge against the prostitution laws in Canada. We speak about what this may mean for sex workers in Canada, the outcome it hopes to achieve and the amount of exhaustive work that has gone into launching this. Jenn graciously and patiently breaks down the process in what the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is in Canada, what is deemed unconstitutional and what the previous and current Canadian government has done thus far in recognizing the needs of sex workers.

To give context, we go even further about how deep this goes into our history with a brief overview of the Canada v. Bedford case which took a similar route which reached the Supreme Court of Canada (the highest court of law in Canada) and what has happened (or should I say, hasn’t happened) in recent years. We speak about representation, the opportunities that have been given to law and policy makers here in Canada, fellow organizations and even the prime minister’s office with no avail which has frustratingly pushed them to organize and fight for their, simply put, labour rights.

It is a PACKED 1-hour conversation that I am so grateful to have had with Jenn. Do give it a listen – I’d be happy to hear your thoughts and feelings on this episode.

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