To Come Out or to Not Come Out? Mixing Civilian Work and Sex Work w/ Caitlyn Marie

Season 2

Ahhhhh…. the age old adage: to come out or to not come out? I’m not referring to sexuality – I’m talking about whether to not you should come out to your coworkers. Maybe you’re been working a civilian job for a while or maybe you’ve transitioned out of sex work and starting to work in the civilian sphere. It’s not a black and white equation – it’s really hard to determine whether or not you should come full circle.

My guest this week, Caitlyn Marie, or her stage name, Tiffany of Hearts, speaks exactly to this topic. Having been on both sides of the fence – being outed by her colleagues and let go from her trade job in Ontario to being welcomed with open arms in her profession – she shares with us the ups and the downs of it all. Although Caitlyn works full-time in the trades, she also works in the evenings and weekends as an exotic dancer. She didn’t want to have to choose between both of her jobs so she decided to keep them both. She even traveled across Canada (more than a few times!) and happily shares some insight on dancing in many of the clubs across the country. It is a PACKED episode which will hopefully give you some insight to determine if you should come clean to your coworkers about your sex work job or past.

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