The Rights Sex Workers Don’t Have and the Wrongs on the Policing of Women’s Bodies with Sonia Nowak

Season 2

This week, we’re flying over to POLAND to speak with sex worker and activist, Sonia Nowak. Sonia started in sex work when she was in Poland and later took those skills to London when she was going to school. There, she noticed the injustices that were occurring when it came to sex work, specifically, in regards to stripping. Are we considered as independent contractors or employees? The parameters given by the strip club she was employed at dictated what type of outfits to wear, what hours she was to work, what she could and couldn’t do… wait a minute. That doesn’t sound like contracting to me – that sounds like employment.

Observing these details motivated her to seek out resources for her and other sex workers to organize to build a case against the club and seek to form a union because sex workers deserve to be afforded basic human rights (DAMN RIGHT!). And her involvement with activism doesn’t just stop there. Sonia was also recently taking part at the recent protests in Poland surrounding the anti-abortion laws and governing women’s bodies. She is an opinionated and intelligent woman and I am so glad to have connected with her and to have had her on the show!

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