The Gentrification of the Exotic Dancer with Madame Nova Caine

Season 2

The last episode of the year and we are going out with a BAAAAAAANG!

I invite Madame Nova Caine onto the show to speak about…pretty much everything. 53 episodes in and it’s important to review and educate all you listeners out there where the term “exotic” in exotic dancer came from. We dive deep into the history of sex work, acknowledging its colonial roots as brown and black bodies being a muse for the white man and how this colonizing perspective is found even in today’s world.

The competing views of sex workers and the pole community continue to be on edge as we discuss the Pleasers controversy that happened earlier this month and what Nova Caine believes how erotic movement classes should be taught in studios. We also get cozy with Nova Caine as she shares with us intimate details of her military discharge and the role it played in her family, her sex work and the chronic pain it left her at age 21 and how stripping serves as physical therapy for her. We get into some heated topics on this episode but the overarching theme is the same: giving credit where credit is due.
Thank you again to all of the loyal listeners. There will be more episodes going straight through 2021 – stay tuned!

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