Screening, Security and Safety: Dealing with Harassment and Stalkers with The Hedanista

Season 2

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As sex workers (and as womxn in general), we have the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with an exceptional amount of harassment. Whether it’s unsolicited dick pics, countless DMs in your inbox or something as simple as cat calling when you’re walking down the street, we are constantly subject to this. It’s never fun. But sometimes these “harmless” things can take a turn and snowball into something even scarier: further harassment and stalking where you now have to get legal and the police involved.

I invite The Hedanista onto the show today to speak about her experience. We talk about her line of sex work (erotic masseuse and domination) and review some screening processes and precautions that she takes to ensure her safety in her line of work. We also talk about how important setting your boundaries area and outlining cases where boundaries have been crossed and how to recover from it.

In The Hedanista’s case, she became romantically-involved with one of her former client’s who, after the breakup, continued to harass her via text to her personal phone, the use of in-app text messages and calls, sending her threatening messages and contacting her work. She had to get legal aid involved which helped her get out of her situation. We also discuss next steps – how to reinvent yourself, your mindset, and rebuilding your network and client base from scratch in a safe way. Listen to entire episode to hear her incredibly story of resiliency and grit and to learn how she recovered from this entire ordeal.

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