Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: Financial Literacy, Taxes and Personal Finance with Janet

Season 2

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Sex workers, have you done your taxes yet? If not, then you’ll want to this listen closely to this episode! I catch up with Janet who is an exotic dancer based in Toronto, Canada and a financial consultant. Having a background in accounting, she wanted to share her knowledge on personal finance and managing money and assets with her peers. To further educate herself, she enrolled herself in to receive financial certification and began to take clients on.

I recently attended one of her financial literacy workshops which was catered specifically to benefit and aid sex workers. Are you curious on where to park your money? What about saving your earnings? Protecting your earnings? How do you grow your money the smart way? Janet shares a wealth of knowledge with us on this week’s episode which is super timely since it is tax season! She clarifies all of your burning questions – what can we claim and write off, what job category are dancers and sex workers classified under, and the benefits of filling our taxes. We also go deep into the nitty gritty about personal finance regarding different savings accounts, TFSAs, bonds, cryptocurrency, mutual funds, segregated funds and so on. Because Janet is based in Canada, a lot of these terms are in the Canadian context which have American equivalents so keep that in mind. It’s an eye-opening episode to say the least so pay attention!

ALSO, this is the Season 2 finale of Stripped by SIA! Thank you for an incredibly politically-charged season. 34 episodes of quality content, exceptional guests, and thoughtful conversation. Tune in April 25th for Season 3!

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