Get to Know the World’s #1 Fetish: Feet Fetishes with Ennie and TopToes from the Oh Those Toes Podcast

Season 2

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I have finally found the perfect guests to help articulate the world’s most popular fetish: feet fetishes! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve talked about this (and in a much broader scope at that) and I’m so excited to welcome Ennie and TopToes from the Oh Those Toes Podcast! We are diving deep into the wild world of foot fetishes and all its subgenres. Ever heard of trampling? Crush? Vore? Giantess? We go into it ALL of it.

We can also break down the foot fetish down to its roots. Where does it come from, where does it originate, the psyche behind it and the allure. We also speak about what’s popular and what works. Believe it or not, it’s more than just taking a few pictures of your toes or selling a sock that you wore around the house for an hour. What about the curl, the scent, the toenail colour, the instep, and the nylons? Oh yes, nylon fetish is a big one! We also don’t forget how SOSTA/FESTA is looped into all of this and and how the fetishization of feet and even the sexualization of inanimate objects is enough to boot one off of major social platforms. OH, and don’t you think that we forgot to discuss foot jobs and foot sex! I’m telling you – this is a toe-curlingly good, jam-packed episode that you absolutely do not want to miss. Tune in!

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