Fight or Flight: Movement as Therapy with Nicky Ninedoors

Season 2

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Get your seatbelts on. I’ve been trying to get this week’s guest on the show since Season 1 and she’s finally here. Please welcome Nicky Ninedoors on the show! Nicky is an all-around artist. She is a well-known burlesque dancer, stripper, pilates and pole dancing instructor, healer, singer, pianist and so, so much more.

She was able to let us in to her private life and lead us down on how she got started in the biz. From her roots in burlesque to overcoming her whorephobia to start stripping four years later and now, dancing virtually online at the Cellar Door Strip Club, she has been on a wild ride! The bulk of this episode also has a lot to with past sexual trauma and how she is choosing to cope with that: through physical movement. Nicky discovered that staying static hurt her body and that by continually moving, the pain hurt less. She gives us a psychological breakdown of what our bodies go into in fight or flight moments, how much cortisol we need, and even to further explain mere glances our parents did or did not give us growing up. It is a fascinating lesson and I’m so glad she was able to share her wealth of knowledge with us this week. We also briefly speak about her Stripper with a Camera venture, battling censorship and SOSTA/FESTA and more. It’s a long episode but trust me, you’ll want to listen to in its entirety.

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