Down in the Valley: Dissecting the Show “P-Valley” and Sharing Black Sex Workers’ Stories with Kat Daniels

Season 2

Is anyone else hyped about the new Starz show, “P-Valley”? I liked the show so much that I wanted to do a weekly recap on each episode but decided to do a Season 1 dissection instead with a listener! Fan of the show and podcast, London, Ontario-based dancer, Kat Daniels, joins me this week to dissect our new favourite show, P-Valley.

P-Valley debuted in July and has been generally met with positive reviews by critics and sex workers. It is based in the Mississippi Delta and tells the story of the women that work at the local strip joint, The Pynk, and the relationships that they have with those who surround them. I was impressed with the detail that they had put in the show and the amount of consultation that producer and playwright, Katori Hall, put into the show. The women-produced show deals with issues that sex workers face, racism, classism, colourism, gender bending, sexuality, domestic violence, gentrification and more. There are SO many intersectionalities within the show and Kat and I do our best to unpack it all.

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you haven’t watched the show, I’d urge you to watch it – I’d love to hear your thoughts (good and bad) on it! If not, You can stop at 28:35 as to not spoil the rest of the show for you!

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