Culture Vultures, Cancel Culture… Can’t We All Exist and Just Be Happy? with Virgil Avery of Foxy Fitness

Season 2

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A lot of the season has been politically-charged and an expression of anger and frustration so I thought I’d take a lighter and funner approach this week…but boy, was I wrong! I brought on Virgil Avery of Foxy Fitness and pole dancer manager for Snoop Dogg and a lot of pole dancer/stripper shows out there.

Virgil used to work as a bouncer for many stripclubs in NYC and is based in NYC/NJ where he is the first Black and male pole dance studio owner in the world. I have personally trained out of his New York studio where, if you are also a pole dancer, will be familiar with some of the athletes he is pumping out of that studio. As you know, I am both a pole dancer and stripper so the first half of this episode is very pole dance (as a sport/hobby) heavy. But we get into it.

The reason I brought Virgil onto the show was not only to highlight his amazing studio, but also to talk about how he is incorporating sex workers into the narrative. His studio is focused on the athletic-side; however, he is an ally and supports sex workers by employing them at his studio and booking them on tour. He is responsible for scouting out pole dancers (from the ones I know, they are all strippers, yay!) for when Snoop Dogg goes on tour and for the entertainment industry. The conversation gets heated at the 45-minute mark because as you know, there has been a surge in wokeness in bringing to light the appropriation of stripper culture, aesthetic and in movement. Perhaps it’s an unpopular opinion or an exhaustive expression, but can’t we all just be happy? Virgil makes some excellent points, not to ruffle feathers, but to see it from a positive, yet still inclusive, perspective. Can’t we all just mutually exist and share? Listen in.

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