Consent, Vulnerability and Rape: Full Service or Fully at Risk? with Yana Petrova

Season 2

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The episode will be discussing the topic of rape. Feel free to skip the episode or stop around the 45:00 minute mark if this is a trigger for you.
It has been a minute since we’ve had an escort onto the show so on the Karina Riviera’s recommendation (Season 1, Episode 25), I invite her duo and bestie, Yana Petrova. This full service escort is based in Vancouver, Canada and we explore how she got into the industry, mistakes she made when she first started and what eventually led to her branching off on her own.

I gush over her beautifully-made website (which she designed herself!), services and current offerings and how this sets her apart from other service providers. She’s a self-described slut who loves her profession, including the fun duos and sessions she’s had over the past two years. We also discuss the important topics of boundaries and consent – how to communicate this with your clients, improving how you filter through clients and better your security. A topic that we haven’t discussed enough on the podcast is rape. Yana shares with me her intimate story of getting raped and reveals that this is the reality for many of us sex workers. As sex workers, we get raped. Full service sex workers are unfortunately, at a higher risk due to the nature of this profession. It’s an impact episode and a conversation that we, as sex workers need to have with ourselves and our protected peers.

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