An Erotic Masseuse’s Happy Ending: Adult Spas, Exit Plans and Branding with Lexie Caldera

Season 2

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It may have taken me 56 episodes + 18 bonus episodes BUT I’ve finally sourced an erotic masseuse fit for the show!

Thanks to a fellow listener and fan (thanks Dan!), I bring Canadian erotic masseuse, Lexie Caldera, onto the show to speak about her experience working in adult spas. What actually goes on behind closed doors? How do you give a happy ending? Are extras include? How does the whole thing work!? Lexie explains it ALL to us in major detail so you’ll want to be listening closely.

She also invites us in deeper into her personal life about she how she started sex work as a teen advertising on Craigslist, how she navigated through coming out to her conservative family, hitchhiking and train hopping all throughout Canada and more. I could have literally talked to her forever about this stuff (so interesting!) but Lexie also gives us the down low on how to effectively brand yourself as a sex worker and how freakin’ important it is to save money, plan for the future and create an exit plan, and not just blow it all away in one go. It’s a super insightful episode and I’m ashamed that it took me so damn long to find a suitable guest for this topic but I assure you that it is well worth the wait!

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