A Gendered Approach to Sex Work, Third Party Management and Legal Proceedings with Dr. Tuulia Law, Jennifer and Janie from Work Safe Twerk Safe

Season 2

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We’ve got a few bodies onto the show today! I am super excited to invite Dr. Tuulia Law, Jennifer* and Janice* from Work Safe Twerk Safe onto the show today!

It’s a 50/50 split in today’s episode where I spend the first half of the episode speaking with Dr. Law from the Criminology department of York University discussing her extensive work and research in sex work. I ask her why this research is so sorely needed and why she decided to take the academia route. We then dive deeper into her specific work involving third parties and management within indoor forms of sex work and the challenges she has seen, the findings that have been drawn to her work and where we see her research taking her.

The second half of the episode is spent not only with Dr. Law but also her co-founder, Jennifer, and colleague, Janice, from Work Safe Twerk Safe, a stripper-led organization based in Ontario, Canada that provides access to legal aid, resources, and workshops for sex workers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We discuss the excellent work that they are doing, how and why they decided to organize and everything that they currently offer. We also discuss their current ongoing legal case against the Government of Toronto (hint: THEY WON THEIR CASE LAST WEEK!) and the aid that they are seeking for their causes. I loved discussing everything that they are doing to help sex workers and it is 100% worth a listen! Be sure to listen to the full episode to see how you can help their cause.

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