I’m a Slave For You: All About Feet Fetishes with My Slave Stripped

Season 1

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Have you ever been curious about the men who are into feet fetishes? Or what about those guys that send you messages on IG for feet photos in exchange for money? Well, you guys, I’ve got one of them on the show this week – introducing MY SLAVE! We’re flipping things a bit here and seeing the client’s perspective on this one and to understand the psyche of those who are into feet. Feet fetishes makes up the largest group, and not to mention the most common, in the kinky community.

We cover a little bit of everything on today’s episode (ALSO, possible LAST episode of Season 1?! Damn you, COVID-19!) including trampling, heel insertion, branding, toe sucking and more. Don’t be too grossed out – feet fetishes are fairly vanilla in the kink world! Learn some precautionary steps to take both as a client as a service provider and a couple pointers for those who would like to get into this line of work, both virtually and in person. We also speak briefly on what it’s like to be an actual slave, what services are provided in that and how I benefit from it.

This was such fun episode yet heartbreaking having to halt recording. THANK YOU ALL to those who have listened thus far. Still can’t believe 32 episodes have come and gone. I will be starting Season 2 of Stripped by SIA as soon as it is safe to do so when when the COVID-19 pandemic ceases. Thank you for all of your support over the last half of a year – muchas gracias!



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